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Looking for Terry West

Looking for Terry West, last place I know she was at was in Jacksonville, or. She had a brother and sister, Roy west and patty west. Does anyone know where she might be or if she is even still alive.

Tim Williams

Looking for 1967 yearbook. Mine was lost and a fire destroyed the original held at the school.

(Chili)  Sandra Alcala

Chili(Sandra) Alcala
Old friend

I was looking for an old classmate by the name of Gerry (Dawson) Robb who married a lady by the name of Sue.....would appreciate any info. Thanks Bernd Graf

Bernd Graf
Anybody heard from ?

Has anybody heard from Gary Himmelwright? Last I knew he had moved back to Georgia, where, I believe, his wife was from and he went to college (Georgia Tech).

Gary Matlock
looking for cathedral oaks grads

going to surprise Bill Shields  sat.

meet at tuckers @ 1:00pm sat. and we'll car pool.  so

if you we're in his class or on one of his teams

let's celebrate Mr Shields...

Jon Uyesaka

I'ld like to thank all of those who put together the reunion.  Had a great time.  Got to see old friends and meet new ones.  I only wish I had taken part in more events as I did not get to talk to everyone I wanted.

I hope our paths cross again.

jim reizerJim Reizer

Jim Reizer
Thank You

Thank you Reunion Planners for putting on such a organized reunion. It was a special and memorable weekend I will never forget. Hopefully at the 50th, I will be able to find Candy Finley and Dianne Day.

Dale and Ruth Johns Alvarado
To my classmates....

First of all, let me thank the organizing committee for the incredible job they did on our reunion - perfect venue choices, brilliantly organized, flawlessly executed. What a wonderful experience!

And then there were all of you - our classmates - by the hundreds, it seemed, at the barbeque and by the dozens at the other events, coming together to touch  a memory, catch up on life, or just give an old friend a big hug. And I was struck more than once by the impression I got of the  spirit of our class, the essence (may I say quality?) of the people I was so fortunate to share San Marcos with.
Thank you all for making it an amazing weekend!

Gary Matlock
Roxanne -

Once more, Thank You for finding me! Gary

Gary Matlock
Well said, Gary!

I completely agree, Gary!   How wonderful to be chatting with Marcia and see you sitting next to her.  O:-))  

I've decided to particpate in more events during the next reunion.  There were so many people at the BBQ with whom I would have liked to have had an extended conversation, if only there had been more time. And others, this means you Ruth, that I missed all together!  O;-)  

In Gratitude!


Candace Stuart-Findlay
What a time we had!

Best reunion and weekend ever.  Thanks to the hard work of our orghanizers.  You gave us a gift we shall all cherish.  Loved seeing all you Royals and sorry if I didn't speak to you all.  Believe me your presence was felt. We are a blessed group.

Tom Liebengood
I miss you ALL already!

I wish there was more time to speak with everyone, but I felt your presence, even if it was with only a nod or wink or wave. Back to reailty and work, I catch myself daydreaming about the weekend and the events we shared.  I can still hear the sea lions from our kayak paddle out to the buoy! I look forward to sharing time with you at the 50th.

Craig Crispin

Craig Crispin
45th Reunion

The best reunion ever!  The organizing committee did a spectacular job.  Your hard work paid off!  Looking forward to the 50th!

Leslie Gliessman
45th reunion

Another photo

Leslie Gliessman
Great Seeing You All

Everybody has heros...These are some of mine.  Had a great time.  Go Royals !

Brian Orosco

It truly was a great reunion!  Many thanks again to our amazing committee who put these events together!  Here's Peter Leckie, who dazzled us all with his unique bagpipe rendition of our SM alma mater - cheers to all (posting video on Facebook)!  Ann

Ann Zumsteg
Had A Great Time!

The Reunion Committee did a fantastic job lining up all the various activities from which to choose.  Everything was so well organized-I truly don't know how you did it, but many thanks!  It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  I am looking forward to our 50th!  A shout-out to Georgia Pope who rescued my lost earring-thought it was lost to the ages for sure!  Best wishes to all!


Linda Velez Wasil

Linda Velez Wasil
Wonderful time

Hi, thanks to all who put together such a great reunion, a wonderful time for all.

I loved seeing everyone and I will be back again!

Susie Schulze Ried

Susan Schulze

How I wish I could have been there for our reunion,I had hopes to see everyone I knew and catch up as well as get addresses and numbers to keep in  touch. I was in Mn. supporting our youngest daughter as she walk 60 miles for breast cancer in honor of our oldest daughter who was fighting it. She learned about it when she was 6 months along with Gracie. She went throught treatments and Gracie was born a little early but with no side effects and Cristina came out with flying colors after surgery. I hope to see you all on our 50th. Take care everybody hope to see you all in 5 years.

                                                your classmate

                                                 Esther (Olivas) Contreras

Esther Olivas
Don't lose contact with us

Just met with the wonderful group of Royals who orgainized our fantastic 45th reunion at the Nelson's beautiful home last night.  They did an amazing job with our reunion, I'm sure we all agree.  Keep the spirit alive so that our 50th will be the best yet.  Keep in touch with each other and with this site, so that we can be assured of an even better turnout next reunion

Tom Liebengood
Patricia Bott

Has anyone heard from Patricia Bott? I knew her in 1968 in Escondido, and have recently heard about the passing of her mother.  Mercedes Bott was a very kind lady and I was sorry to hear of her death.  I new Luois M. Bott too, and respected him greatly. I went to Orange Glen High School, and met Patricia through a good friend of mine; Mr. Bob Anderson of OGHS. Patricia was very truly dear to me, and I have wondered, all of these years, what ever became of her. Patricia is a wonderful lady, and I have missed her all of these years.  Thank you for taking this message. All the best to you.

Stephen Douglas Strappelli

Anyone in LA area please come see my show "When I'm Sixty-Four" at the MBar on Vine St. in Hollywood Ca on May 22, 2013 at 8pm.

Tom Liebengood
Break a leg, Tom!! O:-))

I'm sure your show will be fabulous!

All the best,

Candy Stuart-Findlay

Candace Stuart-Findlay
Looking for Mark and Judy Lucas

Does anyone know the whereabouts and contact information for Mark or Judy Lucas?  

Kathy Gordon Chambers.  

Kathy Gordon
Brian Orosco Ernie & the Emperors

Hi fellow Royals...

I'm still making music with my two brothers Ernie and Raymond.

I just want to get the word out that we are having a fundraiser for my brother Raymond (Class of '66) was has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. The music community of Santa Barbara, and friends are organizing a benefit event at the Elks Lodge in Goleta:

Saturday, Sept 13th,  6-11pm 

The event will feature a dinner, three bands and door prizes/auctions. 

We also need volunteer help, and door prize sponsors.  You can reach me at 805 284 6523 or here at this site.


I also want to thank the committee, and the class of '67 for having us play for that reunion we did at La Cumbre Country Club. 

I have so many great memories of my friends and times at SM.

Thank you all,

Brian (Ruben) Orosco...Go Royals!

Brian Orosco
Brian Orosco Ernie & the Emperors

Hello again fellow Royals:

Posting a flyer for the upcoming benefit for my brother Raymond (Cory) Orosco, Royals class of '66.

My best to all of you dear friends.

Brian Orosco

Brian Orosco
Time goes by too fast!

Please notify me of any reunion events in the future. I am sad I missed this awesome event. If possible, please notify Jon Uyesaka that I would have enjoyed celebrating Mr. Shields. I considered him one of the best teachers I ever had. 

Thank you, 


Margaret (Patarak) Lamm
Terry West

I know terry West she is my aunt and still alive. She now lives in Azalea Oregon.

billie Jo west
On Jim Ray's Passing...

Such sad news to hear that Jim Ray is no longer with us.  It saddens me greatly, as he was a dear friend, as are many of my Royal classmates, even today. 

It was during our last class reunions that I was able to re-establish contact with Jim and learn about his family and  his more recent experiences, as a chemisty teacher, and what he did with his newly choosen endeavor in private business.

We regularly exchanged emails and  I was looking forward to seeing him again at our next reunion.  My prayers are with him and for his family.

Brian "Ruben" Orosco


Brian Orosco

found Terry, she is in Oregon

Tim Williams
Are you ready for next year's 50th??

"Start spreading the news.." Next year will be our Class of 1967's 50th reunion. Time do fly!

Stay in touch or get in touch. I want to see everyone!  September 2017

Tom Liebengood

Sorry about the picture on my last post.  I promise to be right side up and not blurry at our 50th.

Tom Liebengood
Looking for Angie Delco

I would love to know what happened to one of my best friends at San Marcos High.  Would love to know if anyone has any information about Angie Delco, class of 67'.

Thank you, Carol

Carol (Spiers) Martin
Thank you and concerns.

First of all I want to say a heart felt thank you to the reunion committee for all their hard work! I know it's not easy putting this all together and having it work.

Secondly, I was looking at the activities planned and am concerned that cost could stop some people from coming.  By the time they pay air fare, motel and activity fees it could be well over a Thousand per person.

I am not criticizing just throwing this out there for consideration. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

marcie reinertson
Response from the Reunion committee to


Thanks so much for your input on the plans for the reunion.  As you said in your email, it is very challenging to put together an event that meets everyone’s needs while still having something special for our 50th year.  While some of the events planned will cost more than events in past reunions, we are also planning other events which are less expensive and some even free.  In sending out the flyer, we wanted to let people know the dates of the reunion so they could mark their calendar.  We have not yet finalized all of our plans but they will include free and inexpensive gatherings so that as many people as possible can come.  It is also our hope, as mentioned in the flyer, that there may be some classmates who want to make a small contribution to the “kitty” to help defray costs and keep it more affordable for all.

Judy Fielding Lucas and Mark Lucas are in Coos Bay, Oregon

We plan to attend the reunion in September! Hope to see you, Kathy! i am looking forward to seeing so many old friends. 

Judith Fielding
Leslie Holt

To those who know Leslie Holt she is under hospice care In Santa Barbara.

She has a very aggressive from of Cancer of the Appendix.

You can Send her a note through Caring Her family is with her and reads all notes sent to her!

Please if you have time or a memory to share with her go to the web site and send her a note.



Marcie Bass
Reunion Costs

As a Reunion Committee Member, please know that we are doing everything possible to keep expenses affordable.  We have thoroughly researched and examined all local venues for our planned activities.  As mentioned, some activities are "gratis" and others incur a per person cost.  No way around that.  We are strongly encouraging monetary donations to assist in bringing costs down.  We may make a separate appeal for such donations.  One of our primary goals is to make this Reunion attractive for ALL members of the Class of '67! 

Steve Siry

  Dear Friends & Family~

We want to share with all of you that Leslie passed peacefully early this morning at 4:23 AM. Husband Rick and friend Suzanne were with her. Suzanne's dog, Tory, went to Leslie's side and nuzzled her. She is free and soaring. We feel her presence all around us and we hope you do as well. We all share in the blessings of life that Leslie gave us. In her memory we will carry on with spunk and character and well-being. 

Celebrations of life are pending. We will post a notice here. In the meantime, we hope you will celebrate Leslie in a way that is meaningful to you.

With love,

Rick, Steve, Eric, Suzanne & Robbie

Marcie Reinertson
Cheap ways to reunite

Well, still thinking outside the box after all these years -- and always one to find a way to experience things cheaper -- in response to Marcie's comment about how expensive the union could be for some people -- besides travel, the other big expense is lodging at the union.  So first off, if people have time to drive, would you want to pull together a carpool list that people could maybe join.  I know there's several of us up in the Northwest who could join together for a week of road-tripping.   And the second way would be if any of you folks who never left the Santa Barbara area would like to open up your homes to those coming from far and wide, we could have some giant slumber parties on top of all the other activities.  I'm good with any floor -- don't even need a couch -- but I've just always struggled with spending more than $10 to fall asleep for the night, so ... Anyhow, just throwing it out there to see if there is still a little old Sixties hippy blood flowing through anyone's veins.   

Patricia Morgan
It will be here soon!

Getting excited about our upcoming reunion.  I hope as many who can will be there--God knows we've earned the right to celebrate such a momentous occassion. Props to the wonderful group of Royals who meet at Jeff and Dottie Nelson's home, Tami Chapman and all the others, who are making this event happen. Time to make a little extra donation and don't forget to register. 

PS: Don't look for me at the kayak event--not gonna happen again for me.

Tom Liebengood
Debby Walsh

I just saw that Debby Walsh had passed away.  Does anyone know when she passed?

Marcie Bass
Debby Welsh Sheldahl

Marcie's question regarding her passing.  Debby's husband sent an email to, saying that she lost her battle with cancer and died in June 2016.

Roxanna Voehl Sorenson
Greatest reunion yet!

Thanks to all involved in making our terrific 50th Reunion.  We all so appreciate your efforts and your love. Great to see everyone.  If I didn't speak to you, I apologize--not good at working big crowds.  Keep up the Royal spirit in the years ahead!!

Tom Liebengood
Gary Himmelwright is alive and well and living high on the hog in Tennessee.

To all my good friends- bummer I had to miss the reunion last year. Would love to here from you. Contact me here or on messenger


Gary himmelwright
Lloyd Hall

I sadly would like to let my classmates know that Lloyd Hall passed away early this month. 

Esther (Olivas) Contreras
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